In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

Welcome to the Blogspot of Al-Hidayah Islamic Preschool.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

School Policies


1. Arrival time : 8.00 a.m.
Collection time - Mon. to Thurs. : 12 noon
- Friday : 11.30 a.m.

2. No jewellery or personal toys or books.

3. Children must wear SHOES.

4. Bring own snacks and drinks. Food not provided.

5. Food brought to school must be HALAL.

6. We celebrate birthdays.

7. Parents must continue Islamic lessons at home.

8. Compulsary for children to go on school excursion and field trip.

9. Parents' attendance are compulsory for the 3 annual events :
i) Exhibition day
ii) Report day
iii) Ihtifal day

10. New parents can be at the school for only 3 days.

11. We practise open-door policy so feel free to discuss with the principal about your child's schooling.

12. Payment is made at the beginning of the month.

13. Inform the office of any changes in address or phone numbers.

We look forward to develop a good relationship with you and your children.

InsyaAllah we will lay an Islamic foundation for your child/children to build on for the rest of his/her life.

General Aims


We aim for the following for the children under our care:-

1. Obedience and love of Allah SWT and his Rasul SAW.

2. Love and respect for both parents and teachers.

3. Universal thinking - no race, colour but love for mankind.

4. Good thinking skills - able to reflect and analyse.

5. Aesthetic development and appreciation of Allah SWT's creation and His endless bounties which He continues to bestow on us.

6. Good communication skills (language enrichment & vocabulary building).

7. Well-balanced personalities with excellent values (KHALIFAH ALLAH).

8. Independent, confident and responsible individuals.

9. Socialization skills.

10. Good behaviour - always improving.

11. Practical living skills - appropriate to child's abilities
a) care of self and environment.
b) reading, writing and mathematical skills.
c) ibadah to Allah SWT (solat, doa, Iqra' & reciting Al-Quran)

12. Development of the child's intellect through a stimulating learning environment.

13. Good physical health with Allah SWT's blessing.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful


Welcome to the Blogspot of Al-Hidayah Islamic Preschool.

Al-Hidayah is an Islamic kindergarten which was established since 1992.

We hope the information given will be sufficient to explore the possibility of providing a proper and interesting education to your children.

We welcome positive respond and cooperation from parents especially in monitoring the children's development.

We hope with the strong Islamic foundation the children will have a well-balanced personality with excellent values and good thinking skills.

May Allah guide us to the Right path. Insya Allah



1. Al-Hidayah is an ISLAMIC kindergarten. The children learn about:

Aqidah - Belief in Islam
Memorization of surah from the Quran

Fiqh - Pillars of Islam
Practise Solat
Memorization of doa (prayers)

Seerah & Akhlaq - Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad saw
Good behaviour (akhlaq)

Iqra - Introduction to Quranic reading

Jawi - Reading and writing BM in Arabic script

Arabic - Introduce Arabic according to the J-Qaf programme (for 6 years old children only)

2. The teachers are practising Muslims.

3. The children are taught to recite a few doa (prayers) daily and memorise them.

4. The children are taught to understand the importance as Khalifah Allah.


1. We follow the Montessori programme in English (Phonetics), Mathematics, Sensorial and Practical Life.

2. We use Glen Doman's technique of accelerated learning using flashcards. The flashcards cover general knowledge topics in Languages, Mathematics and Agama.

3. Learning is thematic based that is within the given theme children will be taught the 6 components. We do 5 themes annually - Myself, Animals, Plants, Sky & Earth and Special Class Project. Each theme will take 2 months.


1. The project theme will be proposed by the class teacher according to the children's ability.

2. The project will be carried out for about 6 weeks. An integral part is the field trip that the children do. This is to expose the children to the real situation so that holistic learning takes place (eg: theory, practical, research, reading, writing, compilation, making models and display).

3. There will be an exhibition at the end of the project. Everybody is invited to see the children's work.

4. Another integral part of the project is the emphasis on 'Islam as a way of life'. The teacher will quote a few verses from the Quran or Hadith which is related to the topic. Hence the children will understand the beauty of Allah's creation. Insya Allah.


Experienced teachers
with Diplomas and professional certificates in Early Childhood Education. Most of them have worked for more than 5 years at Al-Hidayah.


1. Stationeries and learning equipments are provided.

2. Montessori equipment used for learning Maths, Sounds, Sensorial and Practical Life.

3. Extensive library. Many books either in English or Malay language are related to the theme taught. The children are being taught how to handle books with care.

4. Provide interactive computer learning.

5. Small class. The ratio is 1 teacher to 15 children except for the 4 years-old class which has an assistant teacher.


1. No written exam. Children are evaluated formatively based upon interest, effort and natural ability.

2. No homework unless necessary.


1. English is the medium of instruction. Most subjects are conducted in English.

2. The Ihtifal Day (Concert and Certificate Presentation) is held at the end of the schooling year.

School Calendar 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Guideline for Parents

Guideline for parents


1. Decent bedtime e.g. : 9.30pm.

2. Reasonable breakfast.

3. Wear neat, tidy uniform on Monday to Thursday.

Wear Islamic attire on Friday.

The children solat together on Friday. Wearing the Islamic clothes including the traditional 'baju melayu' and 'baju kurung' will make them feel that the day is special.

4. Wear manageable shoe e.g. slip on with Velcro fastener. No slippers are allowed.

5. Bring nutritious mid-morning snack and drinks. No junk foods are allowed.

6. Carry small-sized bag to hold the snack box. No need to bring stationeries.

7. Let child remain at home if not feeling well.


1. Parents are encourage to check the Iqra or Peter & Jane reading at home.

2. Encourage your child to perform wudhu and solat at home.

3. Encourage independence to develop practical life skills. The child also gains concentration and patience.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Ramadhan Special Project

The foods & drinks donated by our children & parents to be distributed to the needies.

pictures of our children with their class project

Al-Hidayah's graduates